VEER! is a feature length narrative indie film.
VEER! is an independent feature-length film produced by Blue Llama Studios.
VEER! tells the story of Jesse Sorensen, a past-his-prime skater who has just been dropped
from his skating sponsorship. VEER! tells the story of an alchoholic skateboarder.  Jesse
Sorensen must decide whether to chase former glories or reconnect with his family.

He lost everything. Except his cool.

VEER! features product placement from Etnies skateshoes and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
VEER! is a s16mm feature
VEER! is a super 16mm feature length film
VEER! is an indie film
VEER! is scheduled to hit the festival circuit in 2012.
VEER! is currently seeking distribution.
VEER!  is a feature-length, narrative film which follows the rise and fall of pro skater Jesse
Sorensen.  The film is produced by Blue Llama Studios and is currently in post production
with an expected release in early-to-mid  2011.

SYNOPSIS: After a decade of hard partying and extravagant living, Jesse Sorensen has just
been dropped from his skating sponsorship.  Now broke, he moves in with his elderly
grandmother only to discover his 17 year old niece, Samantha, crashing there as well.  Far
from the little girl he remembers growing up, her reckless lifestyle is leading her down a
dangerous path – a path Jesse knows all too well.  He finds himself coming face to face
with something he’s never had to deal with before – responsibility.  After a lifetime of
refusing to grow up, Jesse must reconnect with his family and decide what to do with his
own future.

Acquisition exec. VEER! is currently seeking acquisition. Follow VEER! on Twitter and
Facebook. Not to be confused with the Indian film of the same name. Or the doc about
guys riding bikes in Oregon.

Jesse Sorensen is an over-the-hill pro skater. Skateboarding. Skaters.